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Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Asylum Choir II - 1971 (1995)

Автор : PHAN
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Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Asylum Choir II - 1971 (1995)

Origin: U.S.A.
Genre: Rock, Rock/Pop

Quality: Lossless (Flac Image File + Cue + Log + Audio Identifier Report): 306 Mb | EAC Secure Mode Rip | Mp3 (Fraunhofer IIS - 320 kbps): 117 Mb | Scans | Rar Files (3% Recovery)

Informations: Audio CD (July 3, 1995) - Format: Original Recording Remastered - Number of Discs: 1 - Label: The Right Stuff - Catalog Number: T2-34029

Product Description: Digitally remastered by Tom Baker (Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, California). Recorded at Skyhill Studios, Hollywood, California Between February 1967 and April 1969. Reissue producer: Tom Cartwright. Recording information: Skyhill Studios, Hollywood, CA (02/1967-04/1969).

Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Asylum Choir II - 1971 (1995)
Leon Russell Biography: The ultimate rock & roll session man, Leon Russell's long and storied career includes collaborations with a virtual who's who of music icons spanning from Jerry Lee Lewis to Phil Spector to the Rolling Stones. A similar eclecticism and scope also surfaced in his solo work, which couched his charmingly gravelly voice in a rustic yet rich swamp pop fusion of country, blues, and gospel. Born Claude Russell Bridges on April 2, 1942, in Lawton, OK, he began studying classical piano at age three, a decade later adopting the trumpet and forming his first band. At 14, Russell lied about his age to land a gig at a Tulsa nightclub, playing behind Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks before touring in support of Jerry Lee Lewis. Two years later, he settled in Los Angeles, studying guitar under the legendary James Burton and appearing on sessions with Dorsey Burnette and Glen Campbell. As a member of Spector's renowned studio group, Russell played on many of the finest pop singles of the 1960s, also arranging classics like Ike & Tina Turner's monumental "River Deep, Mountain High"; other hits bearing his input include the Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man," Gary Lewis & the Playboys' "This Diamond Ring," and Herb Alpert's "A Taste of Honey." In 1967, Russell built his own recording studio, teaming with guitarist Marc Benno to record the acclaimed Look Inside the Asylum Choir LP. While touring with Delaney & Bonnie, he scored his first songwriting hit with Joe Cocker's reading of "Delta Lady," and in 1970, upon founding his own Shelter Records imprint, he also organized Cocker's legendary Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour. After the subsequent tour film earned Russell his first real mainstream notoriety, he issued a self-titled solo LP, and in 1971 appeared at George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh following sessions for B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and Bob Dylan. After touring with the Rolling Stones, Russell increasingly focused on his solo career, reaching the number two spot with 1972's Carney and scoring his first pop hit with the single "Tight Rope." While the success of 1973's three-LP set Leon Live further established his reputation as a top concert draw, response to the country-inspired studio effort Hank Wilson's Back was considerably more lukewarm, as was the reception afforded to 1974's Stop All That Jazz. 1975's Will O' the Wisp, however, restored his commercial luster, thanks in large part to the lovely single "Lady Blue." In June of 1975, Russell married singer Mary McCreary; the following year the couple collaborated on The Wedding Album, issued through his newly formed Paradise Records label. Also in 1976, the Russell-penned "This Masquerade" earned a Grammy Award for singer George Benson. He and McCreary reunited for 1977's Make Love to the Music, and upon completing the solo Americana, Russell teamed with Willie Nelson for 1979's Willie & Leon. He then spent the next two years touring with his bluegrass band, the New Grass Revival, issuing a live LP in 1981; although Paradise shut down later that year, the label was reactivated for 1984's Hank Wilson, Vol. 2 and Solid State. Russell spent the remainder of the decade largely outside of music and did not resurface until issuing the Bruce Hornsby-produced Anything Can Happen in 1992. The album appeared to little fanfare, however, and another long period of relative inactivity followed prior to the 1998 release of Hank Wilson, Vol. 3: Legend in My Time. Face in the Crowd appeared a year later. Moving into the new century, Russell issued Moonlight & Love Songs, an album of cover songs, in 2002, followed by Angel in Disguise five years later in 2007. A trio of releases, Almost Piano, Bad Country, and In Your Dreams, appeared in 2008.

Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Asylum Choir II - 1971 (1995)
Marc Benno Biography: For over 40 years, Marc Benno has been giving blues, rock and pop an unmistakable Texas flavor. A singer/songwriter who plays the guitar and piano, Benno is also a behind-the scenes force, helping some of rock and blues’ greatest talents sound even better. The list of legends he’s worked with includes The Doors, Eric Clapton, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Bill Wyman, Georgie Fame Rita Coolidge, Eddie Murphy and Leon Russell. Born in Dallas, Benno grew up immersed in popular music – his father managed the Texas State Fair’s Music Hall garden. Backstage, Benno met stars like Sam Cooke, Laverne Baker,Frankie Avalon, Paul Anka, the Drifters and Lloyd Price. But, the first album Benno remembers hearing was Lightnin in New York, by the legendary Lightnin Hopkins(rural-blues guitarist who lived in Houston.) Still in his early teens, Benno started his own regionally successful pop/R&B group, and in the mid-1960s headed to Los Angeles to further his career, a move he says put him “in the right place at the right time.” His blues background made him sought after by rock groups looking for some rootsy authenticity. One day, he was tapped to play on an album by the psychedelic rock greats The Doors. The sessions were for the classic L.A. Woman (1971), the group’s last LP before Jim Morrison’s death. “I didn’t know who they were,” Benno recalls. “But they needed someone who could play a bluesy, Texas guitar.” He also recorded a pair of albums with Leon Russell as the Asylum Choir. Benno fondly remembers crashing in Russell’s closet, where a plethora of musicians would hang out and jam. One of them was Eric Clapton, who played guitar on two tracks from Benno’s 1979 album Lost in Austin: “Last Train” and “Chasin Rainbows.” “Clapton was a down-to-earth guy,” Benno says of the man nicknamed “God” by his fans. “Even though he’s from England, he reminds me of someone from Texas, so down to earth and humble and into the blues.” With his career on the rise, Benno struck a deal with A&M Records in 1970 to launch a solo career. Within a few years, Marc Benno & The Nightcrawlers were primed to become the Next Big Thing, opening for Humble Pie and The J. Geils Band, and getting star treatment on tour. One of the Nightcrawlers was a young guitarist named Stevie Vaughan (he’d start using Ray later). “He didn’t sing - he’d just play the hell out of the guitar,” Benno remembers with pride. However, the label had grown bearish on the prospects for blues-based rock. The multi-talented Benno could have easily shifted into a pop career, but he was committed to becoming an even better blues guitarist. During 1974-75, his childhood influences came full circle when he joined Lightnin Hopkins’ band as 2nd guitar player. Benno attests to Hopkins’ colorful personality. “He was dead serious about music, because he was the real thing. You had better know how to play the blues to be around him.” “One time, he fired the bass player on stage... Another time, Benno went to get his boss a beer only to receive an odd reprimand: “Don’t you ever open my beer,” Hopkins told him. “Go get me another beer and don’t open it.” Hopkins went on to claim that country bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson (1893-1929) had been killed by poisoned beer, a story that is hard to confirm, but true if Lightnin said it. Benno adds that his time with Hopkins was essential in making him an authentic blues player. Benno’s career got an unexpected boost in 1985, when his song “Rock & Roll Me Again” was recorded by The System for the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack. Even better, the album won the Grammy for Best Composition for a Motion Picture. But the partying lifestyle and the long hours away from home were catching up with him, and during the late 1980s and early 1990s he was burned out – not even interested in music. Finally, his friends helped him get back on track. He realized he didn’t have to be high to do his job. Since moving to San Antonio in 2000, Benno has been working hard again, writing songs, jamming with local musicians, and even finding time to get a psychology degree, a big step for a guy who had dedicated 100 percent of his professional efforts towards music since he was 13. Having lived through all the things that make one a great blues player, Benno can view his career with perspective and insight. But his creative fire and ambition remain undimmed. Live, Benno can do an uptempo R&B set, but he can also do pop, jazz and country. He’s tough to categorize and is reaching out to audiences that don’t just want the same thing over and over again. His philosophy: “The more you can diversify, the more interest you have in living.”

Review: If you ever wanted to know what Leon Russell was up to before he became a huge star, here is the disc. Containing the entire second Asylum recordings with five recordings from the "Look Inside the Asylum Choir" album (not on CD now or probably ever), "Asylum Choir II" shows Leon at his eclectic best. "Lady in Waiting," "Hello Little Friend," "Sweet Home Chicago" and "Straight Brother" (actually a guilty pleasure are just great tracks. "Welcome to Hollywood" (from the "Look Inside..." album) is another excellent track which shows Leon and co-hort Marc Benno attempting to be studio wizards. And while they never really made it to Lennon-McCartney status, it's a fun ride all the same. By the way, dig the "Intro to Rita..." banter with Leon and Rita Coolidge. Heavy! ~ Amazon Customer”

Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Asylum Choir II - 1971 (1995)

Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Asylum Choir II - 1971 (1995)

Track Listing:

01 - Sweet Home Chicago - 3:22
02 - Down On The Base - 2:17
03 - Hello Little Friend - 2:52
04 - Salty Candy - 2:27
05 - Tryin' To Stay Alive - 2:49
06 - ...Intro To Rita... - 2:07
07 - Straight Brother - 3:07
08 - Learn How To Boogie - 2:41
09 - Ballad For A Soldier - 4:25
10 - When You Wish Upon A Fag - 4:09
11 - Lady In Waiting - 3:39
12 - Welcome To Hollywood - 2:32
13 - Death Of The Flowers - 3:17
14 - Icicle Star Tree - 3:06
15 - Mr. Henri The Clown - 3:01
16 - Soul Food - 2:15

Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Asylum Choir II - 1971 (1995)

Leon Russell, Marc Benno (vocals, various instruments).

Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Asylum Choir II - 1971 (1995)

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Исполнитель:: Leon Russell & Marc Benno
Альбом:Asylum Choir II
Год:©1971 (1995)

Жанр:Rock, Rock/Pop

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