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UB40 - Signing Off (30th Anniversary Collectors Ltd Edition)2010

Автор : PHAN
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UB40 - Signing Off (30th Anniversary Collectors Ltd Edition)2010

Исполнитель: UB40
Альбом: Signing Off
Год: 1980 Rem2010
Стиль: Reggae
Размер файла: 1.59 GB
Качество: Flac (Discs 1 & 2), avi (Disc 3-DVD)

So ubiquitous is UB40's grip on the pop-reggae market today, that it will be difficult for younger fans to comprehend just how their arrival shook up the British musical scene. They appeared just as Two Tone had peaked and was beginning its slide towards oblivion. Not that it mattered, few but the foolish would try to shoehorn the band into that suit. However, the group were no more comfortable within the UK reggae axis of Steel Pulse, Aswad and Matumbi, and not merely because you can't have four bands in an axis. Their rhythms may have been reggae based, their music Jamaican inspired, but UB40 had such an original take on the genre that all comparisons were moot. Even their attack on the singles chart was unusual, as they smacked three double A-sided singles into the Top Ten in swift succession. By rights, the second 45 should have acted as a taster for their album -- it didn't, coming several months too soon, while the third should have been a spin- off -- it wasn't, boasting two new songs entirely. Regardless, both sides of their debut single -- the roots rocking indictment of politicians refusal to relieve famine on "Food for Thought" and the dreamy tribute to Martin Luther "King" were included, as well as their phenomenal cover of Randy Newman's "I Think It's Going to Rain Today" off their second single. The new material was equally strong. The moody roots fired "Tyler," which kicks off the set, is a potent condemnation of the US judicial system, while it's stellar dub "25%" appears later in the set. The smoky Far Eastern flavored "Burden" explores the dual tugs of national pride and shame over Britain's oppressive past (and present). If that was a thoughtful number, "Little by Little" was a blatant call for class warfare. Of course, Ali Campbell never raised his voice, he didn't need to, his words were his sword, and the creamier and sweeter his delivery, the deeper they cut. Today, the group have moved far from their radical past, but there's no mistaking their militancy here. The music was just as revolutionary, their sound unlike anything else on either island. From deep dubs shot through with jazzy sax, to the bright and breezy instrumental "12 Bar" with its splendid loose groove, that is transmuted later in the set to the jazzier and smokier "Adella," "Food" slams into the dance clubs, "King" floats to the heavens. It's hard to believe this is the same UB40 that topped the UK charts with the likes of "Red Red Wine" and "I've Got You Babe"." Their fire was dampened quickly, but on Signing Off it blazed high. Still accessible to the pop market, but so edgy, that even those that are sure there's nothing about the group to admire will change their tune instantly. A timeless masterpiece.

UB40 - Signing Off (30th Anniversary Collectors Ltd Edition)2010

Disc 1
1. Tyler
2. King
3. 12 Bar
4. Burden of Shame
5. Adella
6. I Think it's Going to Rain Today
7. 25%
8. Food for Thought
9. Little by Little
10. Signing Off

UB40 - Signing Off (30th Anniversary Collectors Ltd Edition)2010

Disc 2
1. Madam Medusa
2. Strange Fruit
3. Reefer Madness
4. My Way of Thinking [12" Version]
5. I Think It's Going to Rain Today [12" Version]
6. The Earth Dies Screaming [12" Version]
7. Dream a Lie [12" Version]
8. Food for Thought
9. 25%
10. King
11. I Think It's Going to Rain Today
12. My Way of Thinking

Disc 3 (DVD)
1. Food for Thought [Promo Video/Alternate Take]
2. My Way of Thinking [Promo Video/Alternate Take]
3. The Earth Dies Screaming [Promo Video/Alternate Take]
4. Dream a Lie [Promo Video/Alternate Take]
5. I Think It's Going to Rain Today [Promo Video/Alternate Take]
6. Food for Thought [Top of The Pops 20/03/1980 ]
7. King [Rock Goes to College 19/01/1981]
8. Strange Fruit [Rock Goes to College 19/01/1981]
9. The The Earth Dies Screaming [Rock Goes to College 19/01/1981]
10. Little by Little [Rock Goes to College 19/01/1981]
11. I Think It's Going to Rain Today [Rock Goes to College 19/01/1981]
12. Food for Thought [Rock Goes to College 19/01/1981]
13. Tyler [Rock Goes to College 19/01/1981]
14. Signing Off [Rock Goes to College 19/01/1981]
15 Madam Medusa[Rock Goes to College 19/01/1981]

UB40 - Signing Off (30th Anniversary Collectors Ltd Edition)2010

UB40 - Signing Off (30th Anniversary Collectors Ltd Edition)2010

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Исполнитель:: UB40
Альбом:Signing Off


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