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Ella Fitzgerald - Rhythm Is My Business - 1962 (1999)

Автор : Alex
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Ella Fitzgerald - Rhythm Is My Business - 1962 (1999)

Ella Fitzgerald - Rhythm Is My Business - 1962 (1999)

Origin: U.S.A.

Genre: Jazz

Quality: Lossless (Ape Image File + Cue + Log + Audio Identifier Report): 323 Mb | EAC Secure Mode Rip | Mp3 (Fraunhofer IIS - 320 kbps): 133 Mb | HQ Scans | Rar Files (3% Recovery)

Informations: Audio CD (January 26, 1999) - Original Release Date: 1962 - Number of Discs: 1 - Format: Original Recording Remastered - Label: Verve - Catalog Number: 559 513-2

Product Description: This 1999 reissue contains two bonus tracks not included on the original release. Ella Fitzgerald recorded countless albums for Verve in '50s and the '60s, almost all of them good. One would have thought too that they would all be reissued on CD by now. But Verve has managed to find a couple of rare Ella titles for its connoisseur By Request series, one of which is this Basie-like hard-swinging session with the R&B organist Bill Doggett of "Honky Tonk Pt. 2" fame. The early '60s were a good time for Fitzgerald. The monumental achievement of the Verve Songbooks was behind her and she could relax and enjoy her success. Not that she is coasting here. On the contrary, her vocal powers were at a peak in 1962 and she commands the large orchestra with ease and authority. Doggett arranges and conducts as a jazzman on this date so RHYTHM IS MY BUSINESS isn't quite the Ray Charles-like affair one might be led to expect. Ella just wasn't that kind of singer. But no singer before or since has swung so effortlessly and with such, yes, verve.
Digitally remastered by Kevin Reeves (Polygram Studio). Recorded at Webster Hall, New York, New York on January 30 & 31, 1962. Originally relesed on Verve (4056). Includes liner notes by Benny Green. Recording information: Webster Hall, New York, NY (01/30/1962-01/31/1962). This is part of Verve's Verve By Request series.

Ella Fitzgerald - Rhythm Is My Business - 1962 (1999)
Bill Doggett Biography: He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother, a church pianist, introduced him to music when he was 9 years old. By the time he was 15, he had joined a Philadelphia area combo, playing local theaters and clubs while attending high school. Doggett later sold his band to Lucky Millinder, and worked during the 1930s and early 1940s for both Millinder and arranger Jimmy Mundy. In 1942 he was hired as The Ink Spots' pianist and arranger. Toward the end of 1947, he replaced Wild Bill Davis as the pianist for Louis Jordan's Tympany Five. It was in Jordan's group that he first achieved success playing the Hammond organ. In 1950 he is reputed to have written one of Jordan's biggest hits, "Saturday Night Fish Fry", for which Jordan claimed the writing credit. In 1951, Doggett organized his own trio and began recording for King Records. His best known recording is "Honky Tonk," a rhythm and blues hit of 1956 which sold four million copies, and which he co-wrote with Billy Butler. He won the Cash Box award for best rhythm and blues performer in 1957, 1958, and 1959. He also arranged for many bandleaders and performers, including Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lionel Hampton. He continued to play and arrange until he died of a heart attack in New York City. As a jazz player Doggett started in swing music and later played soul jazz, a field in which rhythm and blues organists were highly sought after. His bands included saxophonists Red Holloway, Clifford Scott, Percy France, David "Bubba" Brooks, Floyd "Candy" Johnson, guitarists Floyd Smith and Pete Mays, and singers Toni Williams and Betty Saint-Clair.
Review: Ella Fitzgerald, The First Lady Of Song, gives us another incredible album to enjoy. Ella's vocal gymnastics proved that she was THE consummate singer--and quite the vocal athlete at that. This CD amply proves it; and the big band style musical arrangements by Bill Doggett enhance Ella's performance on every track.
The CD set begins with "Rough Ridin'." The horns start the melody off strong; and Ella's voice is rich, warm and especially vibrant. Ella swings brightly; she plays with the tempo, scats and adds a few quick key
Ella Fitzgerald - Rhythm Is My Business - 1962 (1999)
changes to showcase her superb vocal athletics. I love that sax solo in the middle of "Rough Ridin'," too. The percussion enhances the melody as well. "You Can Depend On Me" sports a big band flavor to the musical arrangement; and Ella sings "You Can Depend On Me" without a superfluous note. This great number allows Ella's character to express that she will be there for the man she loves even though he loves someone else. Stunning! "You Can Depend On Me" swings with the very best of them!
"Show Me The Way To Go Out Of This World 'Cause That's Where Everything Is" refers to Ella's desire to go to a world where love, excitement and joy are in abundance at every turn. This relentlessly optimistic number glistens like gold with great lyrics and the use of the horns section complements Ella's vocals to perfection! "Hallelujah, I Love Him So" gets the royal treatment from Ella and the musicians. They take this ballad and make it into a shining joyous ode to love. Ella swings confidently and does a few vocal tricks to enhance her performance. The big band style arrangement really swings hard--but it's beautiful, make no mistake about it. I think you will like "Hallelujah, I Love Him So."
"I Can't Face The Music" features Ella swinging much more gently and the comparatively slower tempo helps to make this ballad sound just right. Ella performs "I Can't Face The Music" with quick changes between notes at least an octave apart. "I Can't Face The Music," a bluesy tune with a pleasant melody that belies the seriousness of the lyrics, is a highlight of this album.
After You've Gone" has always been a personal favorite number of mine; and the big band arrangement works well even though I've never heard this song performed quite this way. Ella swings gently with passion as she delivers this very, very well. The tempo eventually speeds up quite a bit but this never interferes with the beauty of "After You've Gone." When you hear Ella singing "After You've Gone," complete with scatting, too, you know that Ella's interpretation is THE ultimate rendition of this fine ballad.

The CD also gives us two bonus tracks that were previously unissued. "Taking A Chance On Love" gets a jazzy treatment from Ella. She sings "Taking A Chance On Love" with all her heart and soul; the arrangement leaves nothing to be desired. What a joyous ode to a new and exciting love affair! Ella scats wonderfully, too. "If I Could Be With You" has a slower tempo than the previous number and Ella sings this romantic ballad with passion and unfailing honesty. Ella's excellent diction bolsters her performance all the more.
The liner notes give us the original liner notes by Benny Green; and there is a miniature replica of the reverse of the cardboard record album jacket the way it appeared when this was released as a record album in 1962. We get a great picture of Ella on the front cover of the CD case; and the artwork overall reflects good taste and judgment.
Ella Fitzgerald will never be forgotten. She entertained millions of people worldwide; and she always led her adoring audiences wherever she wanted them to go with her unfailing honesty and strong, heartfelt performances. This CD gives us a superb sampling of Ella's work with a big band style musical arrangement and it all works very well. Ella's talent will add light into our lives for many years to come as we continue to play her CDs and watch DVDs of her concert performances. I highly recommend this CD for any Ella Fitzgerald fan who doesn't already have it and people who enjoy classic pop vocals with a jazzy twist will hold onto this CD for many years to come. ~ Amazon Customer”

Ella Fitzgerald - Rhythm Is My Business - 1962 (1999)

Track Listing:
Ella Fitzgerald - Rhythm Is My Business - 1962 (1999)

01 - Rough Ridin' - 2:54
02 - Broadway - 2:45
03 - You Can Depend On Me - 3:34
04 - Runnin' Wild - 2:43
05 - Show Me the Way to Go Out of This World 'Cause That's Where Everything - 2:46
06 - I'll Always Be In Love With You - 2:53
07 - Hallelujah, I Love Him So - 2:37
08 - I Can't Face The Music - 5:04
09 - No Moon At All - 2:39
10 - Laughin' on the Outside - 4:55
11 - After You've Gone - 4:19
12 - Taking A Chance On Love - 2:37
13 - If I Could Be With You - 2:39

Ella Fitzgerald (vocals); Bill Doggett (conductor, arranger, organ); Phil Woods, Jerry Dodgion, Carl Davis, Wilmer Shakesnider, Les Taylor (reeds); Ray Copeland, Taft Jordan, Ernie Royal, Joe Wilder (trumpet); Melba Liston, Kai Winding, Britt Woodman (trombone); Hank Jones (piano); Mundell Lowe (guitar); George Duvivier, Lucille Dixon (bass); Gus Johnson (drums).

Ella Fitzgerald - Rhythm Is My Business - 1962 (1999)

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Исполнитель:: Ella Fitzgerald
Год:©1962 (1999)


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