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Jimi Bott - Live Volume 1 - Cheap Thrills - 2005

Автор : Alex
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Jimi Bott - Live Volume 1 - Cheap Thrills - 2005

Jimi Bott - Live Volume 1 - Cheap Thrills - 2005

Lossless (Flac Image File + Cue + Log + Audiochecker Log): 426 Mb | EAC Secure Mode Rip | Mp3 (Fraunhofer IIS - 320 kbps): 126 Mb | HQ Scans | Rar Files (3% Recovery)
Audio CD (February 8, 2005) Number of Discs: 1 - Format: Live - Label: Roseleaf Records - Catalog Number: RL 001


Product Description: Throughout all his years of gigs drumming with Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers and most recently the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimi Bott, like so many other musicians, has a vast collection of his bootleg live performances. For this CD, Jimi has gone into his private collection for some of his finest vintage recordings. There are seven special moments with Mighty Flyers from 1987 to 1992 to accurately capture all the raw energy of that nightly West coast blues explosion. On the first song, he's nailing a sharp, double shuffle behind Rod's chromatic work on "The Eliminator." This is a brilliant reminder of how Rod starts off every show with high flyin', over the top energy. Bott's next song, "That's What You Do to Me," is a rare Mighty Flyer treat from 1987 with Junior Watson on guitar. This song comes from one of Bott's first gigs with the Flyers, a Battle of the Harmonicas in San Francisco. The crowd noise picked up by the tiny recorded adds to the authenticity.

No Flyer show was complete without Bott and Honey doin' a brilliant drum piano surge. Here, Jimi shares two of those moments. Instead of pressing songs we all know, Bott asked Honey for something unique and she responded with "The Bumble Boogie/The Nutcracker" medley. It's pure classical meets boogie woogie with an Alex Schultz guitar bridge holdin' it together. Bott and Honey recreate the big bands of the 1930's on Louis Prima's "Sing, Sing, Sing." And Alex Schultz's "Jam Up" is a favorite to be played over and over because it perfectly captures the spontaneity of the Mighty Flyers. the final Flyers' song ends the CD with the Piazza's deepest blues, "Ah'w Baby" from 1990. The two Fabulous Thunderbird tunes with Kim Wilson show off Bott's drums on the world-wide stage. He include his own song "Cheap Thrills" from 1996 with Kid Ramos, and another, "I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled, and Crazy," from 2002 with Ramos and new T-Bird guitarist Kirk Fletcher. Bott's very personal liner notes offer intimate looks into the music and people that have shaped him. Remember that these songs were recorded live, so while there is no studio perfection, there is that live passion and energy we fans go out night after night to be part of.

Jimi Bott - Live Volume 1 - Cheap Thrills - 2005

Review: This disc is one of the most stellar live compilation blues CD's released in a LONG LONG time. Everything about it says that Bott painstakingly labored over every aspect of this package -- especially the interesting stories that personalize each song, all the players, and the venues where many of the songs were recorded. If you are a fan of the blues, you'll be blown away by these tracks! Though the tracks are in fact from several different analog sources (mainly cassette tapes) kudos to Bott on having the courage to put out such diverse recordings. They show a true understanding of what 'the blues' is all about -- how live and improvised performances are integral to its tradition and history. If you are a real blues fan, then there is no way on earth this CD will let you down! That being said, fans of seriously good music played by exceptional musicians will also enjoy this CD.

If you like what has become the norm -- watered-down "slick" recordings with no soul, feeling or improvisation -- then don't buy this CD! But, if you want to step out of the box , take a journey side-stepping back in time to places where music was live and being created on the spot, then give this CD a listen. It promises to bring you into the very rooms where these performances went down. You'll feel as if you were there sipping a beer, downing a shot and cheering on the band with your friends by your side!”

Jimi Bott - Live Volume 1 - Cheap Thrills - 2005

Track Listing:

01 - The Eleiminator - 5:05

02 - That`s what you do to me - 7:44

03 - Peter Gunn - 6:59

Jimi Bott - Live Volume 1 - Cheap Thrills - 2005

04 - I96;d rather go blind, crippled and crazy - 4:25

05 - Frosty - 6:02

06 - Cheap Thrills - 3:39

07 - Jam up - 9:43

08 - The Bumble Boogie & The nutrocker - 4:49

09 - Sing sing sing - 3:59

10 - Tribute to Gene, Buddy & Louie - 6:53

11 - Ah`w Baby - 3:45

TT: 63.07


Jimi Bott Primary Artist, Percussion, Drums, Tambourine
Rod Piazza Harmonica, Harp
Gene Taylor Piano
Mark Hummel Harmonica, Harp
Kim Wilson Vocals
William J. Campbell Bass
Miss Honey Piano
Doug James Baritone Saxophone
Ronnie James Bass
Darrell Leonard Trumpet
Alex Schultz Guitar
Bill Stuve Bass
Joe Sublett Tenor Saxophone
Luther Tucker Guitar
Brad Ulrich Saxophone
Junior Watson Guitar, Vocals
Tim Wagar Bass
Joseph M. Sublet Tenor Saxophone
Kirk Fletcher Guitar
Mike Schermer Telecaster
Mike Carino Bass
Kid Ramos Guitar
Curtis Smith Guitar
Bradley Ulrich Saxophone

Jimi Bott - Live Volume 1 - Cheap Thrills - 2005

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Исполнитель:: Jimi Bott


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