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Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1974 & We Meet Again (Bootlegs)

Автор : YULYS
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Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1974 & We Meet Again (Bootlegs)

Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1974 & We Meet Again (3CD FLAC+MP3 Bootlegs)

Artist: Pink Floyd
Album: BBC Archives 1974
& We Meet Again
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Label: Harvested
Audio Format: FLAC+MP3
Bit Rate MP3: 320 KB/s
Bit Rate Mode: Constant
Writing Library: libFLAC 1.1.2
(UTC 2005-02-05)
Writing Library: LAME3.98.2
Writing Library: LAME3.98
Recorded: November 16, 1974
Broadcasted: January 11, 1975
Released: 2007
Total Runtime: 3:47:34
File Size: 786 MB


David Gilmour - Guitar, Vocals
Roger Waters - Bass, Vocals
Richard Wright - Keyboards, Vocals
Nick Mason - Drums, Percussion
Dick Parry - Saxophone
Vanetta Fields - Backing Vocals
Carlena Williams - Backing Vocals


01. Speak to Me
02. Breathe
03. On the Run
04. Time
05. The Great Gig in the Sky
06. Money
07. Us And Them
08. Any Colour You Like
09. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse
11. Echoes

Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1974 & We Meet Again (Bootlegs)

BBC Archives 1974 featuring The Dark Side Of The Moon live (FLAC)

In the spirit of our previous BBC Archives series (after "BBC Archives 1967-1969" and "BBC Archives 1970-1971"), Harvested is
proud to finally present BBC Archives 1974! In 1974, the BBC taped the second set The Dark Side Of The Moon and the encore
"Echoes" of the Floyd performance at Wembley Empire Pool, on November 16.
However, "Echoes" was never broadcast, and for many years only the DSOTM set was circulating from broadcast sources.
In recent years, recordings taken from the BBC Pre-FM tapes began to circulate, some of them including the long lost soundboard
version of "Echoes".
However, none of these RoIOs are fully sonically satisfactory in our opinion.
Most of them are processed and used some kind of noise reduction, sometimes very slightly (the Sirene releases), and other times
more heavily (the Winston remasters, "Time In London")
The rare, unprocessed versions currently circulating, like the "FM Pre-Master" bootleg, are pleasant but not without a certain
amount of hiss, which reveals that the lineage was not without some generational loss.
The hiss from the unprocessed versions available until now is probably one of the reasons why so much NR was used on the various
remaster projects.
After much research, Harvested found a superior source, totally unprocessed, with much less hiss than the other unprocessed versions
circulating until now.
A spectral analysis of the audio file showed that this source was very pure and could be the result of direct transfer from the BBC
However, it is well known that the BBC mastering of that concert sounds rather dry and flat, especially the DSOTM set and our source
was no exception.
Therefore, we felt this new source needed the "Harvested treatment," in order to make this recording really shine, with good dynamics.
The remastering was done very carefully in an attempt to leave the music intact, avoiding NR, dehissing, or any other processing that
would generate artifacts.
The majority of the remastering work consisted of adjusting the audio levels, balancing the recording when needed, and bringing more
clarity and depth by applying specific EQ settings here and there.
The final result sounds great to our ears and this version boasts excellent dynamics and a well defined high end without the flaws
present on most of the other sources.
This CD is free from all NR artifacts, the amount of hiss is minimal, and the low frequency noise that can be clearly heard on all
of the currently circulating versions of "Echoes" (especially during the quiet parts) is not present here.
BBC Archives 1974 brings you this famous BBC recording in its most complete form (the line,"I've been mad for f*cking years...,"
as well as the applause and tuning between "Eclipse" and "Echoes" are present), offering the best possible quality for your
listening pleasure!

For those of you who'd like to know how this FLAC version compares to other Pre-FM RoIOs from the same concert, two more quality
bootlegs are provided, so hit it while its hot and do enjoy...

BBC Archives 1974 featuring The Dark Side Of The Moon live (MP3)

This Harvested release originates from a newly discovered unprocessed source, unlike most of the existing RoIOs of these BBC tapes.
This source is probably as close to the BBC pre-FM masters as you can get.
The audio was carefully remastered in order to make the recording really shine with a clear high end and excellent dynamics (lacking
somewhat on the original BBC mastering), avoiding any NR processing or dehissing which would have altered the music.
BBC Archives 1974 brings you this famous BBC recording in its most complete form (the lines "I've been mad for f*cking years...,"
as well as the applause and tuning between "Eclipse" and "Echoes" are present).
This hard to obtain and obscure bootleg, remastered by Pink Robert, contains only DSOTM, but shows no sign of heavy processing.
The sound is bright and clear, very natural, without artifacts.
However, there's a certain amount of hiss, probably revealing some gens in the lineage.
Harvested's BBC Archives 1974 offers better clarity in terms of sound definition (due to lower gen), and compared to other MP3
versions ("Wembley Wizards"), the high end is alot more crisp.
The second half and encore of the show of 16th November 1974 was recorded by BBC Radio One.
Although only Dark Side Of The Moon - with the line "I've been mad for f*cking years" in "Speak To Me" removed from the
mix - was broadcasted on the Alan Freeman Show on 11th January 1975.
This boot is taken from the original Pre-FM Master tapes including encore "Echoes".

Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1974 & We Meet Again (Bootlegs)

We Meet Again - 3 Sources Matrix Mix, Empire Pool Wembley, London November 16, 1974 (MP3)

This recording really captures the "Concert Hall" sound, excellent work on the mixing/editing.

3 Sources Mix Info

Pre-FM Master Reel SBD > DAT > ? > SHN
Recorded by BBC Radio One broadcasted on the Alan Freeman Show on 11th January 1975.
This is taken from the original Pre-FM Master Reel to Reel tapes.

Unknown Audience Recording > cass > DAT > CDR
Title: Black Holes In The Sky - This derives from the same boot source (no label) but is slightly less hissy
but also less amplified. This recording is missing "Echoes".

Unknown Audience Recording > Cassette Master
Title: No Room Upon the Hill - 1st Generation copy of the master discs > SHN
This is sourced from the cassette masters. No sound alteration, noise reduction or speed correction performed.

Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1974 & We Meet Again (Bootlegs)

Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1974 & We Meet Again (Bootlegs)

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Исполнитель:: Pink Floyd
Альбом:BBC Archives 1974

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