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TILON - A.M.I.G.D.A.L.A - 2008

Автор : swat
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TILON -   A.M.I.G.D.A.L.A - 2008

YEAR: 2008
STYLE: Rock Progressivo Italiano
FORMAT: FLAC (Tracks + Log + .Cue + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 355 Mb
THE BAND: Flavio Costa / guitars; Paolo Cassago / drums; Roberto Aiolfi/ bass; Alfio Costa / Hammond,piano,mellotron,minimoog,synthesizers
Guest musicians: Lino Vairetti / vocals; Sophia Baccini / vocals; Clive Jones / vocals; Helena Biagoni / vocals; Hamadi Trabelsi / vocals

TILION is an Italian Progressive rock band, arisen from the ashes of PROWLERS. Its credo is to perform Seventies-inspired music, full of vintage keyboards sounds (Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, mini-Moog, Mellotron, piano, harmonium...) and enriched by various musical styles such as hard-rock, folk or jazz. The dark atmospheres may remind the almighty MUSEO ROSENBACH, or even the Scandinavian School. After having been the opening-act for DEEP PURPLE in 1999, the group self-produced its first album "Suoni" the year after. "Insolitariamente" has been recorded in the year 2003. Now hosted by the Musea label, TILION took its time to work on its new opus. After the use of the Italian tongue on the first effort, the lyrics switch to English this time. With a big help from some great guests as Lino VAIRETTI (OSANNA), Sophya BACCINI (PRESENCE) and the legendary Clive JONES (BLACK WIDOW), the musicians have produced a wonderful concept inspired by fear and human emotions, from an original idea by keyboards player Alfio COSTA. Absolutely essential !

I became aware of this band through "The Spagetti Epic" where they composed an over 20 minute track for that venture.I was so impressed that i wanted to check out one of their albums, so this is the one.Their vocalist has apparently left so they have seven guest singers for this one(both male and female). It's a concept album with plenty of samples and variety.Much of the music here comes off sounding more like a Scandanavian band like ANGLAGARD,ANEKDOTEN or WHITE WILLOW with the dark atmosphere,mellotron,angular guitar and other vintage keyboards.So naturally i am very impressed although the middle section of the album is a bit of a mixed bag.Still i think there's plenty here to warrant 4 stars. "680819DP" sounds like were listening in on a baby's baptism or something.Then female vocal melodies join in before this amazing soundscape comes in that is dark and heavy with mellotron.Angular guitar and bass follow. "Symphony For A Shadow" features more guitar as female vocals join in.It's Sofia(i've seen her name spelled three different ways) from PRESENCE.Keyboards arrive as the heavy sound continues.Vocals are back later.Great tune. "The Mirror Room" opens with children's voices then adult voices as the guitar plays in the background.A calm follows then male vocals(Clive from BLACK WIDOW who also plays flute and sax on this track) with drums and angular guitar before 2 minutes.Mellotron too.Incredible sound! Flute 4 1/2 minutes in as the guitar grinds it out then sax joins in. "The Echo Of The Dark Side" opens with water sounds and flies buzzing around.The music kicks in with female vocals.This is fairly laid back with a waltz-like melody.Some organ before 4 1/2 minutes. "Nocturnal(Pt.I)" opens with piano as male vocals join in followed by guitar and drums.Then a calm before it kicks in again.Contrasts continue. "Promenade Avec La Nuit" is a short track of female vocal melodies,waves and piano. "Alter Action" continues with the waves until this strange noise takes over then other instruments join in.Nice bass 2 minutes in.It's building.Drums start to dominate.A change 5 minutes in.This is better.Mellotron a minute later.Nice. "Eclipse" opens with a phone ringing and this person walking out of the house not answering it.Nature sounds can be heard as he continues to walk away.Male vocals follow.It's heavy after 3 minutes(it comes and goes).Synths before 5 minutes. "Nocturnal(Pt.II)" is a great tune that opens with water sounds then this heavy soundscpae takes over with male vocals.Check out the organ and mellotron! "A.M.I.G.D.A.L.A." opens with strange sounds.The music kicks in with angular guitar.Powerful sound 2 minutes in.Check out the guitar that starts before 5 minutes then starts ripping it up before 5 1/2 minutes.it settles after 7 minutes and the waves are back.Female vocal melodies 8 minutes in before it turns heavy a minute later.Fantastic instrumental. This is certainly different but in a good way.Lots to digest and enjoy.I highly recommend this dark trip.

Track Listing:
1. 680819DP
2. Symphony for a shadow
3. The mirrors room
4. The echo of the dark side
5. Nocturnal-part I
6. Promenade avec la nuit
7. Alter action
8. Eclipse
9. Nocturnal-part II

The Band:
- Flavio Costa / guitars
- Paolo Cassago / drums
- Roberto Aiolfi/ bass
- Alfio Costa / Hammond,piano,mellotron,minimoog,synthesizers

Guest musicians:

- Lino Vairetti / vocals
- Sophia Baccini / vocals
- Clive Jones / vocals
- Helena Biagoni / vocals
- Hamadi Trabelsi / vocals

TILON -   A.M.I.G.D.A.L.A - 2008

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Исполнитель:: TILON

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