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Ramos - Living in the light (2003)

Автор : Alex
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Ramos - Living In The Light (2003)

Ramos - Living in the light (2003)

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Страна: USA
Жанр: A.O.R.
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It’s often been said that the greatest art comes from life’s greatest storms. For world class guitarist Josh Ramos, the last decade and half in the music industry may have been a constant roller coaster ride of incomprehensible highs and vulnerable lows, but he’s a survivor in the truest sense of the word. Whether bursting out of the Bay Area California scene in the mid-80s with LeMans, playing lead guitar for the international super groups The Storm, Hardline, and Two Fires, or assuming road positions with Enrique Iglesias or Menudo’s “El Reencuentro” acclaimed reunion trek throughout Central and South America, Spain, and the United States (including three dates at the prestigious Radio City Music Hall), Ramos is a jack of all trades.

Most known for his work in the Interscope recording group The Storm (also featuring Santana/Journey Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Gregg Rolie, Journey’s Steve Smith and Ross Valory, and 707’s Kevin Chalfant) Ramos put his signature riffs and explosive playing style on the group’s top ten Billboard hits (earning Ramos and Chalfant two music awards in London). Throughout the early to mid-90s the band toured the world in support of a self-titled disc and its follow-up Eye of the Storm with the likes of Peter Frampton, Bryan Adams, Richard Marx, and Tom Cochrane, playing its timeless blend of album oriented rock and staples of members’ vast catalogues.”

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01. Living In The Light

02. Don't Go

03. Winds Of Change

04. Seize The Day

05. Dreams Alive

06. Tell Me Why

07. Come Back To Me

08. Night Has Fallen

09. Love Is The Magic

10. Take It Or Leave It

11. You're So Far Away

12. Willie [Instrumental]

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Ramos - Living in the light (2003)

Ramos - Living in the light (2003)

Ramos - Living in the light (2003)

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Guitarist Josh Ramos breaks out on his own and delivers his solo debut with the new band Ramos.

Fans of Josh will know him from hs work in The Storm and Two Fires and will instantly be familiar with his love of Journey-esque melodies and definite Neal Schon flare to his playing style.

Ramos continues on from his previous two bands with more feel good songs delivered in traditional AOR style, albeit with a little extra punch than we have heard previously from Josh.

This is as melodic as it comes, but being in control of his own direction has seen Josh expand the role of the guitar within the songs, making this a tasty prospect for those that like their AOR a little heavier.

Singer Mark Weitz is a definite discovery, performing with a smooth and wide range that matches that of Steve Perry and those others that are always being compared to the great vocalist.

But once again, not everything is super smooth – some of Mark's vocals have an added ingredient that gives the music a grittier edge.

Adding further goodwill to this already positive review is the news that the production is very good indeed. Certainly above average compared to many other releases in this genre that suffer from small budgets.

The songwriting on Living In The Light first rate – with plenty of memorable hooks, choruses and extra bridges to sink ones teeth into.

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Ramos - Living in the light (2003)

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Исполнитель:: Ramos A.O.R.
Альбом:Living In The Light


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