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Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013

Автор : YULYS
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Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013

Albums, Years & Catalog # In This Torrent:

Boston 1976 EK-34188 *
Don't Look Back 1978 WEK-35050 *
Third Stage 1986 MCABD 6188 *
Walk On 1994
Greatest Hits 1997
Corporate America 2002
Life, Love & Hope 2013

* Denotes My Rip

I would like to thank the uploaders of the albums that are not my rips, but don't know who they are so a big thanks to you all! Audiochecker .log documents NOT included for albums that are not mine because I don't think TPB accepts them anymore within the flac upload category. Also, I had to convert an album from APE to flac (Corporate America) and split the files using cuesplitter, same with Life, Love & Hope. Kit

Please help seed these FLACs!

Boston 1976

Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013

Boston is the debut studio album by Boston-based American rock band Boston. Produced by Tom Scholz and John Boylan, the album was released on August 25, 1976 in the United States by Epic Records. Scholz had first begun playing music in the late 1960s after graduating from MIT with a master's degree, which led to a senior position at Polaroid. After being involved in the Boston music scene for several years, Scholz concentrated on demos recorded in his apartment basement with singer Brad Delp. His previous group, Mother's Milk, had received numerous rejection letters from major record labels in the early 1970s. By 1975, the demo tape had fallen into the hands of CBS-owned Epic Records, who signed the band.

Epic wanted the band to record in Los Angeles with a record producer; Scholz was unwilling and desired to record the album in his basement studio. He hired John Boylan to run interference with the label and, in an elaborate ruse, trick them into thinking the band was recording on the West Coast when in reality the bulk was being tracked solely by Scholz at his Massachusetts home. The album's contents are a complete recreation of the band's demo tape, and contain songs written and composed many years prior. The album's style, often referred to as the "Boston sound", was developed through Scholz's love of classical music, melodic hooks and guitar-heavy rock groups such as the Kinks and the Yardbirds.

The LP was first issued by Epic in August 1976 and sold mightily, breaking sales records and becoming one of the best-selling debut albums of all time. Boston's style was abducted by label executives and imitated by bands to create radio-friendly "corporate rock," of which the band was also accused. The album's singles, most notably "More Than a Feeling" and "Long Time", were both AM and FM hits, and nearly the entire album receives constant rotation on classic rock radio. The album has been referred to as a landmark in 1970s rock and has been included on many lists of essential albums. The album has sold 17 million copies in the United States alone and 20 million worldwide.


1. "More Than a Feeling" – 4:44
2. "Peace of Mind" – 5:02
3. "Foreplay/Long Time" – 7:47
4. "Rock & Roll Band" – 3:00
5. "Smokin'" – 4:22
6. "Hitch a Ride" – 4:12
7. "Something About You" – 3:48
8. "Let Me Take You Home Tonight" – 4:44

Don't Look Back 1978

Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013

Don't Look Back is the second studio album by American rock band Boston, released in 1978. The title track is one of the band's biggest hits, reaching #4 in 1978 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album sold over four million copies in the first month of its release, and has been certified 7x platinum by the RIAA in the US.[4]

This album also marked the beginning of the band's legal fight with its record label Epic Records. Tom Scholz has been on record stating that executives at Epic pushed him and the band into releasing the album before they felt it was ready. He said of Don't Look Back that "it was ridiculously short. It needed another song." Their next album, Third Stage, was not released for another eight years, by which time the band and record label had parted ways and were fighting a courtroom battle that Boston ultimately won.


1. "Don't Look Back" 5:57
2. "The Journey" (Instrumental) 1:46
3. "It's Easy" 4:26
4. "A Man I'll Never Be" 6:37
5. "Feelin' Satisfied" 4:11
6. "Party" Scholz, Brad Delp 4:07
7. "Used to Bad News" Delp 2:56
8. "Don't Be Afraid"

Third Stage 1986

Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013
Third Stage is the third album by American hard rock band Boston released September 23, 1986 on MCA Records. It was recorded at Tom Scholz's Hideaway Studio over a six-year period "between floods and power failures".[3]

After winning a legal battle with Epic Records, Scholz switched his band's recording label to MCA.[4] The album's first track, "Amanda", was actually written in 1980 (when Boston began work on the album)[4] and became the band's only #1 single. It reached and stayed at #1 for two weeks in November 1986. It was followed by the second Top 10 single from the album, "We're Ready", which reached #9 in 1987.

Third Stage went to #1 on the Billboard 200, where it stayed for four weeks. It was the first CD-formatted album to be certified gold (500,000 copies) by the RIAA. It was also certified gold in the LP format, making it what is believed to be the first album certified in both of these formats. In all, the album was certified 4x platinum.

The album was a first in many respects: the first Boston LP to feature electronic drum samples, the first to feature songs not written by either Scholz or Brad Delp, the first Boston LP without original members Barry Goudreau, Sib Hashian and Fran Sheehan (though Hashian and Sheehan were included in the early recording sessions and Sheehan received a writing credit), and the first (and only) Boston LP without the iconic guitar UFO dominating the cover art, though a small image of it is present. Original drummer Jim Masdea (who played on the demos that made a bulk of the first Boston album) plays drums on most of the album. This LP was also the first Boston recording to use the Scholz-invented Rockman guitar processor. No orchestral sounds or synthesizers were used on the album.


1. "Amanda" Tom Scholz 4:16
2. "We're Ready" Scholz 3:58
3. "The Launch:
a) Countdown
b) Ignition
c) Third Stage Separation" Scholz 2:55
4. "Cool the Engines" Scholz, Brad Delp, Fran Sheehan 4:23
5. "My Destination" Scholz 2:19
6. "A New World" (Instrumental) Jim Masdea 0:36
7. "To Be a Man" Scholz 3:30
8. "I Think I Like It" Scholz, John English 4:06
9. "Can'tcha Say (You Believe in Me)/Still in Love" Scholz 5:13
10. "Hollyann"

Walk On 1994

Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013

Walk On is the fourth studio album by American hard rock band Boston. The album was released in 1994.

After the success of their 1986 album Third Stage, the band began planning a follow-up and writing for Walk On, which began in 1988. However, due to the increased friction and disagreements between himself and Tom Scholz, Brad Delp left the band in 1989 to join original Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau in forming a new band, named RTZ. Soon after Fran Cosmo was hired and introduced as the new lead singer, Delp did return to Boston to assist in the recording for the album and also shared lead vocals on the subsequent Walk On Tour.


1. "I Need Your Love" Tom Scholz, Fred Sampson 5:33
2. "Surrender to Me" Tom Scholz, David Sikes, Bobby Laquidara 5:34
3. "Livin' for You" Tom Scholz 4:58
4. "Walkin' at Night" (Instrumental) Tom Scholz 2:02
5. "Walk On" Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, David Sikes 2:58
6. "Get Organ-ized/Get Reorgan-ized" (Instrumental) Tom Scholz 4:28
7. "Walk On (Some More)" Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, David Sikes 2:55
8. "What's Your Name" Tom Scholz 4:28
9. "Magdalene" Tom Scholz, David Sikes, Galen "Rusty" Foulke 5:58
10. "We Can Make It" Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013

Greatest Hits 1997

Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013

Greatest Hits is the first greatest hits album by American rock band Boston. The album released on June 3, 1997 features songs originally released on both the Epic and MCA labels, as well as three previously unreleased recordings ("Higher Power", "Tell Me", and "The Star-Spangled Banner"). Tom Scholz, the band's leader, felt that the album's sound quality was not up to his standards, so a remastered version of the album was released in 2009 with a slightly different track listing, although many audiophiles will argue that the original 1997 issue eclipses the current one.


1. "Tell Me" 4:04
2. "Higher Power" (Scholz, David Sikes) 5:06
3. "More Than a Feeling" 4:45
4. "Peace of Mind" 5:05
5. "Don't Look Back" 5:57
6. "Cool the Engines" (Brad Delp, Fran Sheehan, Scholz) 4:35
7. "Livin' for You" 4:55
8. "Feelin' Satisfied" 4:11
9. "Party" (Scholz, Delp) 4:08
10. "Foreplay/Long Time" 7:48
11. "Amanda" 4:15
12. "Rock & Roll Band" 3:00
13. "Smokin'" (Scholz, Delp) 4:20
14. "A Man I'll Never Be" 6:32
15. "Star-Spangled Banner/4th Of July Reprise" (Francis Scott Key, Tom Scholz) 2:44
16. "Higher Power [Kalodner edit]" (Scholz, Sikes)

Corporate America 2002
Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013

Corporate America is the fifth studio album by American hard rock band Boston, released in 2002. In addition to studio material, it also features a live version of "Livin' for You". The original version is from Boston's previous full-length album Walk On (1994). The album also introduced both Anthony Cosmo and Kimberley Dahme as both band members and songwriters. The album sold 32,000 copies in its first week of release and charted at 42 on the Billboard 200. By 2013, the album had sold 139,000 copies in the US. The final page of the album's booklet is dedicated to preserving the environment, providing web links to such organizations as PETA.


1. "I Had a Good Time" Tom Scholz 4:15
2. "Stare Out Your Window" Anthony Cosmo 3:19
3. "Corporate America" Scholz 4:37
4. "With You" Kimberley Dahme 3:28
5. "Someone" Scholz 4:10
6. "Turn it Off" A. Cosmo 4:37
7. "Cryin'" A. Cosmo 5:19
8. "Didn't Mean to Fall in Love" Scholz, Curly Smith, Janet Minto 5:14
9. "You Gave Up on Love" Scholz 4:22
10. "Livin' for You (Live)"

Life, Love & Hope 2013

Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013

Life, Love & Hope is the sixth studio album by American rock band Boston. It was released on December 3, 2013 by Frontiers Records, making it their first studio album in eleven years.[3][4] Life, Love & Hope is the first Boston album to be released following the death of lead vocalist Brad Delp.[5] Delp recorded vocals on the songs "Didn't Mean to Fall in Love", "Sail Away", "Someone", and "Te Quiero Mia", the last of which being a re-arrangement of "I Had a Good Time", from Corporate America.

Life, Love & Hope follows up the band's 2002 release, Corporate America. Tom Scholz produced Life, Love & Hope and wrote all of the tracks. Kimberley Dahme makes a vocal performance on several songs as well as the late Brad Delp (who performs on the new song "Sail Away" as well as rearranged songs from "Corporate America").[6] This album also features new vocalists such as David Victor, Louis St. August, Tommy DeCarlo, and Jude Nejmanowski. It is also the first Boston album to feature Tom Scholz on a lead vocal ("Love Got Away").

Matt Wardlaw of Ultimate Classic Rock says "‘Life, Love & Hope’ carries remnants of those early days in its sound — which is unmistakable from the moment the soaring harmonies kick in on ‘Heaven on Earth,’ the album’s opening track and lead single. It provides a vintage moment on an album that otherwise contains quite a bit of exploration, both musically and sonically — something that we’ve come to expect from Scholz when he’s working in the backroom on new Boston music.

The album charted No. 37 on the Billboard 200 with 16,321 copies sold in its first week of release.


1. "Heaven on Earth" (All instruments, Harmony & Backing Vox: Tom Scholz) David Victor with Louis St. August as a special guest.[6] 3:37
2. "Didn't Mean to Fall in Love" (remastered version from Corporate America - Written by Scholz, Curly Smith, Janet Minto[6]) Brad Delp 5:13
3. "Last Day of School" (Instrumental written and performed by Tom Scholz.[6]) 2:02
4. "Sail Away" Delp, Kimberley Dahme 3:42
5. "Life Love and Hope" Tommy DeCarlo 3:57
6. "If You Were in Love" Dahme 4:10
7. "Someday" DeCarlo and Scholz with Jude Nejmanowski as a special guest.[6] 3:44
8. "Love Got Away" (Written by: Tom Scholz / All Instruments: Tom Scholz / Harmony Vox: Tom Scholz, Gary Phil[6]) Tom Scholz 4:28
9. "Someone (2.0)" (rerecorded/rearrangement) Delp 4:00
10. "You Gave Up on Love (2.0)" (re-arranged and re-recorded / Flute: Dahme / Harmony Vox: Beth Cohen[6]) Dahme, DeCarlo, Scholz 4:05
11. "The Way You Look Tonight" DeCarlo 3:52

Boston - Studio Discography 1976 - 2013
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